It starts with the design process and the owner of Artisan Builders working closely with the client developing the project scope and design ensuring the client is completely satisfied. We provide Three Dimensional Computer Aided Drawings during the course of the design process that allows our clients ease of visualizing the project design concept. This also allows the client the convenience and ability to actively participate more efficiently in the design process. We have found that clients receive a significant amount personal satisfaction from having such a large impact on the final design. Working closely during the design process with our clients helps develop the relationship necessary to move on to the estimating and building process.

Artisan Builders is a full service design and build remodeling general contractor with projects that range in size and scope of a 6000 square feet remodel in Saratoga  to a 100 square feet play house in Morgan Hill. We design and build small additions, commercial spaces, kitchen remodels, bathroom remodels, decks and trellis.

Artisan Builders provides in house designs for our projects and the construction documents required by the city to acquire the project permits. These construction documents consist of architectural designs, state licensed surveyor site plan, state licensed soils engineering and analysis, state licensed structural engineering design and calculations, California energy calculations (Title-24) and Green Rater analysis. These documents are compiled for our clients and submitted to the city that has jurisdiction over the project. Then Artisan Builders will secure all permits for our clients to simplify the process. This helps our clients from having to be involved with the confusing requirements and precedures for each city.

The fact Artisan Builders is involved in the design process  and construction documents, allows us the capability to expeditiously make the clients desired design changes during the course of construction. Simplifying the design change process for our client.

Artisan Builders is a full service building general contractor and provides a unparallel level of service and craftsmanship to out clients.  We have been in business for over 18 years and have worked in the industry for 27 years. Artisan Builders owner and employees execute all the excavation, foundation, framing and interior trim work on our projects. These critical phases of  our client's project are completed in house  insuring the quality of the work and project scheduling. Artisan Builders foreman and employees are on the project from the beginning to end  and manage our professional sub contractors.

Artisan Builders has acquired courteous professional sub contractors in the fields of plumbing, electrical, heating and air, low voltage, insulation, drywall and cabinetry insure the quality of the finished product.